Our Vision

Our Mission

Helping, Healing and Uplifting Women & Children of Deprived and Oppressed Communities.

Together We Educate Children 

Together We Can Feed the Starved & Hungry Lives

Together We Can Empower Women 

Together We Can Better Lives 

Together We Can Uplift Humanity 

Together We Can Give Hope 

Together We Can Bring Peace of Mind

Who are we?

We are a non-profit charitable organization working to uplift disadvantaged communities who cannot financially afford the basic necessities of life. 

Whom do we serve?

Help and Heal Corp is here to help people who constantly struggle with a lack of essential resources and opportunities to grow in society.

We prioritize and practice diversity, inclusion, and equity in all our work.

We ensure that our work touches people regardless of race, religion, and color.

Where are we currently working from?

United States



United Arab Emirates


Countries we want to work in the coming years?

Currently running programs and projects in Pakistan with the hope of expanding our work in




Sub- Saharan Africa


And eventually, more developing countries around the world

and other parts of Sub- Saharan Africa in the coming years. 

How do we plan to accomplish our vision?

Learn More About Our Vision through our programs

We send children to school & youth to College and Universities of disadvantaged communities. 

We give groceries and fresh meals to the homeless, hungry, and starving.

We provide professional skills & training to females of underprivileged communities.

Creating a safe place for women worldwide to come together & normalize conversations on “Womanhood.” 

We work with local partners and Volunteer Trauma counselors to ensure that anyone in need of mental health therapy is provided the help they need. 

Registration and ticketing made easy

Join the community to give education for children

Fundraising experience for your donors

Helping each other can make world better

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The Help and Heal Corporation (H&H Corp) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public Charity. 

Contributions and Donations are deductible for federal income tax purposes as allowed by law. 

Public Charity Status: 509(a)(2)

Help and Heal Corporation federal tax ID number: 92-1409277