Fundraising Campaign for a Skill Training Instituion.

A Permanently Sustained Project

This project will create jobs, and career development opportunities.

This program provides individuals with the skill to earn an income, independence, and entrepreneurship.

Donations received for this campaign will fund the development of an Accredited Institution Center in Pakistan, Islamabad-Rawalpindi. 

This institution will have three departments—tailoring and training, accredited beauty esthetics and cosmetic art school, and a Beauty Salon. 

This institution will train individuals of deprived and oppressed communities with the skill of tailoring, aesthetics, and hair art free of cost. These skills will help individuals graduate from the institution as entrepreneurs. 

The tailoring department will teach them to cut, design, and stitch fabric. Trainees will be allowed to take stitching orders to enhance their expertise. 

On the same institution grounds, we will also have a beauty institute where individuals of disadvantaged communities will be trained in beauty esthetics and hair art. 

One part of the beauty institution area will be a running salon open to the public. The salon will provide services to the public at local prices. 

The proceeds from the salon and tailoring services will pay beauty institution teachers, employees, bills, and product expenses. 

Upon graduation, attendees will be provided a certification/diploma for completing their course. 

And Help and Heal Corp will ensure that graduates from disadvantaged communities get the extra help they need to start their businesses as entrepreneurs. 

Therefore, it is a permanently sustained project. The development of this project will be a one-time investment, after which it will support expenses and benefits to the local communities on its own.



You can Gift the skill of beauty esthetics, cosmetic arts & tailoring to help build entrepreneurs in Pakistan.  


The Help and Heal Corporation (H&H Corp) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public Charity. 

Contributions and Donations are deductible for federal income tax purposes as allowed by law. 

Public Charity Status: 509(a)(2)

Help and Heal Corporation federal tax ID number: 92-1409277