January 21, 2023

Educational Aid Program Research.

City: F-6/2, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Our Director of Research Field and Operations, Saima Aneel, works efficiently to ensure that we know the needs of children who can not afford school.

Here is a photo of our team with one of the students (Saima Aneel on left, with our Outreach and engagement coordinator Shirley Rommel to right). 

Our wonderful volunteer Anaya John, who usually works behind the scenes, is on the field sharing stories with the children.

Meet Mohammed Ayub, a retired civil defense worker who devoted 40 years to voluntarily teaching children and youth from grades 1-10 on this very ground. Mr. Mohammed requested and sought your help with his students’ educational expenses.

Approximately 540 children in Islamabad come to this open ground to study daily. These children cannot afford the expense of school tuition, books, uniform, and stationery and therefore sit on the bare floor during all four seasons for basic education.

Through your help we can provide them with a school, uniform, books, stationery, sweaters, shoes and socks. 

The Help and Heal Corporation (H&H Corp) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public Charity. 

Contributions and Donations are deductible for federal income tax purposes as allowed by law. 

Public Charity Status: 509(a)(2)

Help and Heal Corporation federal tax ID number: 92-1409277