Sheetal I. Almas

Sheetal I. Almas

Founding President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Founding President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

I have a bachelors with honors in Environmental Studies from the York University of Toronto. I specialize in Environmental Management and Policy Development, along with multiple sustainability certifications. I have over 10 years of multicultural client handling and management experience. 

My dedication and passion for helping women and children are a massive part of my existence.

I have also taken the initiative to develop a “Mental Health Awareness Virtual Platform.” At the same time, I am progressing toward building therapy resources for trauma crises, especially in developing nations, starting with Pakistan. 

I commenced this work to fulfill my mother’s dream & my intention of helping to better those lives that are struggling, starving, homeless, helpless, and in need of someone who would bother to think of them. 

In September 2021, I went to Pakistan Islamabad with my Husband, Iraj Almas. I held a Mental Health Awareness Women Convention, which was a great success. I realized, for many, that the root cause is a lack of finances, unaffordable groceries, educational expenses for children, and an increased unemployment rate, with one man/breadwinner working to support the entire family “hardly.” At that moment, we committed to making every effort possible to develop food resources, educational aid, mental health awareness, and therapy resources for a population desperately needing them. 

Hunger and starvation change people, causing aggression, sadness, weakness, and helplessness. Finding food helps one be grateful and gives hope for a healthier life- and for many, there is just enough food to survive barely!

Education and knowledge bring hope to a person. Education is something that comes with ownership at the price of hard work. Once you have owned it- No one can take your Education from you! 

That is the beauty of getting an Education. You learn discipline with the hope of a better future and a lifetime of ownership of self-growth and the knowledge gained.

I have known these struggles. And the change. 

“One may not realize how much they have until they come across someone who does not have it- That is just Humankind” – by S.I.A.

As the founding president and C.E.O. of Help and Heal Corporation, I humble myself to serve to uplift women and children of deprived and oppressed communities. 

The Help and Heal Corporation (H&H Corp) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public Charity. 

Contributions and Donations are deductible for federal income tax purposes as allowed by law. 

Public Charity Status: 509(a)(2)

Help and Heal Corporation federal tax ID number: 92-1409277