Haya Tariq

Haya Tariq

Blog Editing Manager
Blog Editing Manager

I am a graduate of Paralegal studies at Sheridan College, Ontario, and a licensed paralegal – I am now looking to do more for my community and humanity. 

As a female of Pakistani-Canadian background, it is an honor to be a part of Help and Heal Corporation. As someone born in Pakistan and has lived in several parts of the world for prolonged periods, I have witnessed and had experiences of my own with generational trauma and toxic traditions. 

A survivor of domestic abuse and someone who has worked on self-awareness and healing for the past few years – I feel it is a responsibility of mine to help other women overcome the same! 

I am an empath, a protector, a lover, and a resilient and strong-minded individual. These are all characteristics that relate to our mission here at H&H corporation. 

I love to write poetry and even shayri (Urdu poetry) in my free time. I am currently working on a manuscript for my debut poetry book! 

As Blog Editing Manager at H&H Corp, I will use my writing skills to communicate our mission and the struggles of many lives.

I also enjoy reading books, listening to knowledge-based podcasts, and music and art because it connects us to our soul. Here is a quote that I feel can relate to many women who overcame oppression and domestic abuse. 

“A lot of times we lose our minds so we can find ourselves.” by Haya Tariq. 



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