February 17, 2023

70 meals of chickpeas rice were distributed.

Working with our proud partners Canadadonate.ca

City: Maureer Chowk, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Cost Per Meal : 316.66 Rupees ( $1.58)

This distribution took place in the deep slums of Rawalpindi. There is so much hunger and starvation here that our Help and Heal Team faced several challenges.

Our programa manger Sana Tariq on field handing out foodboxes (on the left).

 Our Research and Field Director Saima Aneel is on the field, handling a huge crowd. 

field, Handling a huge crown on her while other volunteers and me 

Help and Heal continues to work with the project budget and ensures that we work efficiently. We realize that 70 meals are too little considering the needs of these poor areas are much greator. 

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