February 23, 2023

70 meals (2 slices each meal) of Chicken Tandoori Pizza and Bottle of Pepsi distributed among deprived communities

Working along side our proud partners Canadadonate.ca

City: F-6/3, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Cost Per Meal : 685.71 Rupees ($3.08)

We wanted the poor communities to eat the same food we eat, and our children eat. So here is Pizza and Pepsi for the war victims of Afghanistan, who were forced out of their homes, and now living on the street of Islamabad, Pakistan. 

A photo of the Refugee Camps.

Our Field and Research Director Saima Aneel, with our wonderful volunteers in helping us on the field.

A photo of women from the Afghan Regugee Camp site

A photo of our Outreach and engagement coordinator Shirley Rommel on the second left and Saima Aneel (third right) with our receivers from the Aghan Refugee camp.

Donate today to help provide the bassic essential of life to a community who was forced out their home and now remain on the streets of islamabad for past few years.

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