March 2, 2023

60 meals of Chicken Pulao distributed among disadvantaged communities of 40 families.

Working alongside with our proud partners

City: Aria Mahala, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Cost Per Meal :283.33 Rupees ($ 1.4 )

This was a very poor community called the “ Christian Colonie” in the Aria Mahala Area, in the city of Rawalpindi. Our field director Saima Aneel, and Program Director Sana Tariq reported, the following: 

  1. There is a lack of gas to cook food, instead, they collect wood to burn their stoves.

There is no water resource. People go to a mosque nearby to fill plastic bottles with water to use. 

Their homes are physically broken and below the living standard. 

Standards of living are below the poverty line.

Most children do not go to school. The ones that go to school go to Pakistani Government schools, where they only study in english. It is critical to understand that “Sarkari Schools” do not teach english, and such quality of education remains the cause of unemployment and poverty in many developing countries including Pakistan. 

These children and women need your help. Their children deserve to go to school and get an education that can help them get better employment opportunities. An education that does not grant you employment or a better future is equivalent to having no education.

 Help and Heal Corp is committed to helping uplift deprived communities. 

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